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Here at Ocean Quest we have a motto;

 "We have Whales 'N' Icebergs & all kinds of nice birds, special places, wide open spaces & people with smiles on their faces"

We love sharing our stories, but we love hearing about yours!

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Recent Testimonials

Culinary Adventure

The boat trip with Ocean Quest was one of the highlights of my stay in St. John's. The icing on the cake was eating huge, fresh, raw scallops caught whilst we were onboard. As a foodie and fish lover, this element make a very enjoyable boat trip, am icredible boat trip, especially when the weather isn't so good and it wasn't on the day we went out with Rick and his team. 

Rick is another example of a true Newfoundlander. I loved his wit and close to the mark humour. 
The zodiac tour of Bell Island added another layer to this trip, which was a great adventure.
It would have been great to have had the weather to experiencing the kayaks and to have seen a whale or two - all down to Mother Nature. But what Rick and his team could control, they did with humor, intrigued and excitement.
I will never forget those scallops!
I also really liked the notes we were given at the end, and the iceberg in a jar. Great little touches.



Training Session

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for an excellent training session. I really enjoyed the weekend and forgot all about work and other vagaries of everyday life (a definite plus). I am now really charged to do my open water training - and start exploring!

Your guidance and experience are inspirational for generating confidence in your students - we are very fortunate to have you here!

I will drop by the shop in town later this week to pick up my referral papers and regs. If I don't see you, have a great week and I will report back when we return from Grenada.




Bell Island Shipwrecks

The shipwrecks are amazing. Don’t miss out on the non-wreck dives like the whale bones, old whaling ship, shore dives, Bell Island, and the clapper. On those dives, you can see a lot of flounder and stingrays.

The visibility is incredible for the ship wrecks and they are well intact. You can see old Marconi radios to bullets to an anchor that flew on the deck of one of the ships. The icebergs are the star of the show. It’s like seeing a skyscraper worth of ice in the water. You can watch the saltwater and freshwater mix. Ocean Quest also took pictures for me on all of my dives.

The crew is professional and nice. The people are the nicest people on earth. The scenery is amazing. How often can you say that you saw a whale, dove the whale bones, dove icebergs, and dove World War 2 wrecks all in one trip? Plus, Mountain Dew (which I now call “Mountain Berg”) tastes better when you use iceberg chunks as ice. You’ll leave with a lifetime of great memories.

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— Danny Larsen


First Time Scuba Diver


It was all our pleasure. As I told you I was nervous because you never really know how a child is going to react to scuba. I was so happy to see Marcy so comfortable and proficient with her skills. She loved the one on one with you, and your teaching was amazing. The kind of teaching that only comes with your wealth of experience and aptitude to actually teach. In short we both think you are “The Best”. We thank you again for helping us to become safe and confident divers.

We will definitely stay in touch.

April 2016

— Jim Whelan


Snorkeling Bell Island

I recently had the honour of joining your team on the snorkeling trip to the sea caves on Bell island. Firstly I would like to thank you so much for accommodating us by picking us up off Bell Island after an unfortunate incident with missing the ferry. I appreciate you going above and beyond for us which allowed us to experience such a highlight for our trip. Thank you so much for such an incredible time on the water!


— Josh Mazza


Best Dive Operators

Ocean Quest are one of the best dive operators I've had the pleasure of giving my money too! Their resort is fantastic - lovely rooms, a huge kitchen with everything you could possibly require, on site dive facilities, lots of storage room, washer and dryer, a beautiful lounge, and two decks with great views. They even have a full on spa, so you can book a post dive massage! Oh my!

Their dive boat, Mermaid, is one of the best. A huge heated cabin, massive top deck, and a large dive deck with an elevator - getting back onto a boat has never been easier.

The best thing however are the crew. From owners Rick and Debbie, to skipper Bill, and the amazing Johhny O - possible the best DM in the business.

It's tough to find fault with anything Ocean Quest do. Their attitude is infectious, their services fined tuned from years of success and experience, and their passion for local diving and adventure is in abundance.

Fantastic diving, a fantastic operation, and fantastic people.

— Russell Clark


What A Time!

Can't thank you enough for your time today with boys.  Delighted Colin did it!! He was nervous this am leaving so was keeping my fingers crossed! The boys said you were awesome and haven't stopped talking about it all day. You obviously love what you do. David will be wanting to go further with it in the future for sure. Not sure if Colin will tolerate the cold NL ocean!

Thanks again,

— Ken and Jackie Martin


Great Trip


 Been very busy since I returned from Newfoundland. Anyway just wanted to say I had a great trip and really enjoyed my time there. I got to see plenty of whales also and got some great footage.  Your operations are very good!


— Kalevi Evans


Discover Scuba

Last night I finally took the leap and completed my Discover Scuba Course. This has been a bucket list item for me for a number of years now. I just wanted to give a big shout out to John Olivero and Jack Wood who in my mind are two of the best instructors anyone could have for this experience. They took the time to work with the group as a whole as well as each person individually. Kudos to OQ for having these two top shelf stellar guys on staff. I definitely will be back to do more. I can't wait to dive in the open water.

— ‎Simon Donna Mac Innis‎