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MINE QUEST limitless exploration

Mine Quest is operated in the abandoned iron ore mine located on Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada. They are the mines from which the iron ore came that was loaded onto the ships that we feature in our Wreck-Reation dives. The mine was worked until the middle of the last century and now most of it's several thousand metres of passages are flooded. These passages extend to depths beyond the operational limits of both open circuit scuba (OCS) and closed circuit rebreathers (CCR). They also spread out several kilometers from the main entry point, putting the maximum potential penetration beyond the endurance of divers using any conventional equipment. In other words, the possibilities for exploration are limitless.


  With the  cooperation from the Bell Island Historical Society we will be able to offer endless adventures. When the mine was flooded in 1966, there was no record of what remained in the mine. The Minequest project is planning exploration, survey and cartography, inventory and documentation of artifacts, human physiology testing for decompression stress, and studies to DNA type biology living within this environment. The goal of the team is to turn over visual assets to the Bell Island Historical Society and assist them in developing educational materials for the Museum at Mine #2. There are no plans to remove any artifacts for conservation at this time. Additionally, the team is developing an infrastructure and safe diving protocols that can be used by future visiting cave divers on Bell Island

This trip is scheduled on customer demand. Contact us for a schedule which meets your needs.