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DRINK AN ICEBERG Kayak close enough to taste

10,000 years is a long time. But it's the amount of time it takes to form the icebergs that are brought too Newfoundland each spring. Get a first-hand glimpse of these majestic bergs and see just how magnificent they are.

Runs May 1st - June 30 - Dependant on Iceberg availablilty*
Location Petty Harbour or Conception Bay South
Duration 3 hours, 9am to 12pm daily
Fee $239.99 + TAX = $275.99 CAD 

 Paddling Icebergs 

As you approach each iceberg you can see every striation, each line and crack tells a story of the bergs personal history.

From your Kayak you can hear the iceberg. It snaps, crackles, and pops like a bowl of cereal. It dawns on you that this piece of ice is alive, but not for much longer. Soon, it will have all melted away in the open ocean, beyond the eyes of humanity.

Once back on Zodiac the skipper fetches a piece of the iceberg. “To cool your drink later!” he laughs.

It’s a long way to go for an ice cube, but the ice maker back home doesn’t have much on this, does it?

830am - Meet at dock, register and gear up.
9am - Leave dock in Zodiac, with all passengers, crew and kayaks
9am - 1130am - Find Icebergs, paddle, explore
1130 - 12pm - Return to dock in Zodiac, return gear, chat about your amazing time, share pics, and take in the moment

We supply:
The Ride - RHIB transport to the best locations
The Guide - To ensure you have the best experience
Kayak - Singles and doubles available
All safety gear
Wetsuit/Floater Suit if desired
Hot/cold drinks and snacks
Dry storage

Iceberg Iceberg


  • The adventure will take place from either Petty Harbour or Conception Bay South location; subject to availability of icebergs.
  • *In the event of no iceberg in our vicinity, will go ahead with sea cave & sightseeing.