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Not To Brag But...

Awards socialmedia COMMENTS 13 Jun, 2017

Want to forge your own path in life and stray from the planned, cookie-cutter, tourism trips? Fortunately for you, Destination Canada has answered your prayer but granting tour operators the title of a “Canadian Signature Experience”, which describes a collection of some of the most unique, authentic, and interesting activities and trips you can take across the country.


At Ocean Quest, our coastal “Close Encounters” tours featuring humpback whales, icebergs, sea caves, and an ocean safari are ALL considered Signature Experiences with Canada’s official governing body for tourism, Destination Canada. These Signature Experiences are among the best trips this country has to offer if you want to be introduced to the best of Canada.


So this tourism season, you could do the conventional or have a Canadian Signature Experience – it’s up to you.

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