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50 Ways To Challenge Yourself While Diving

Diving socialmedia COMMENTS 06 Mar, 2017

Sport Diver | 50 Ways to Challenge Yourself


We’ve all had that moment . . . sitting around . . . we hear another diver tell a story that sparks something  . . . call it inspiration. Call it envy. Whatever it is, there’s no going back. Once this seed of a new adventure has been planned, we start connecting dots. Finding a good instructor for an advanced course. Looking for a buddy to share in an exotic expedition. Shopping for gear or airline ticket or both. Just as it should be. Because we didn’t come this far in our underwater journey to quit. The only way to go is forward. No matter how many dives you’ve logged or miles you’ve travelled, there’s always a way to improve your craft and fall in love with the sport all over again. We’ve chosen 50 wrecks, animal encounters, unique dives and training courses to reignite your passion.  (Brooke Morton, Sport Diver, January/February 2017)

 Just a word to the wise, Brooke Morton has not visited Newfoundland and Larador. You need not travel further than Bell Island to experience some of the greatest wreck diving in the world. Our other dive sites are not to shabby either!

  1. Explore Caves
  2. Archaeological Diving
  3. Scoot Around 
  4. California Shore Diving
  5. Chuuk Lagoon Shipwrecks
  6. Cave Diving with Sharks
  7. Citizen Science
  8. Dive from a Helicopter 
  9. Book a Liveaboard
  10. Freediving 
  11. Dive in Open Ocean with Sharks
  12. Try First Cathedral, Lanai,Hawaii
  13. Try Fairyland, St. Lucia
  14. Try Long Caye Wall, Belize
  15. Try Hin Muang, Thailand
  16. Help Coral Restoration 
  17. Discover Florida Keys Shipwrecks
  18. Meet Crocodiles
  19. Experience the Galapagos
  20. Sharpen your Navigation Skills
  21. Make the Plunge: Cold Water Diving
  22. Hunt Lionfish
  23. Visit the Titan Missile Silo
  24. Dive Under the Ice
  25. Go Professional
  26. Go Solo
  27. Go Sidemount
  28. Brave the Sardine Run
  29. Mug with Leopard Seals
  30. Drop from a Kayak
  31. Snorkle Alongside Sailfish
  32. Get the Inside Scoop 
  33. Explore on a Rebrerather
  34. Don Vintage Gear
  35. Venture into a Cenote
  36. Swim with Snakes in a River
  37. Take a Wild Ride
  38. Feed Sharks
  39. Dive with Orcas
  40. Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes
  41. Dive into Photography 
  42. Hook and Hang
  43. Try Bareboat Diving
  44. Get a New Career
  45. Probe British Columbia Walls
  46. Earn a Nitrox Certification
  47. Try a Shore Dive
  48. Dive at Altitude
  49. Perfect your Trim 
  50. Go Black Water Diving 

Ocean Quest is excited to offer to you the Advanced Open Water Diver Course and a number of specialty diver courses that will see your list of 50 challenges shrink as your diving skills and proficiencies swell exponentially. For more information on all and/or any PADI training at Ocean Quest drop us a note training@oceanquestadventures.com , phone us at 709-722-7234 or visit the shop at 40 O’Leary Avenue, St. Johns.  

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