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Support Local

socialmedia COMMENTS 27 Feb, 2017

Why you Should Support Local

 At Ocean Quest, our goal is to provide life changing-experiences and memories that are everlasting. As a business, we strive to provide the best service and products along with the best service providers. As a homegrown adventure company, we try to get through the tough economic times operating in Newfoundland. Some of the costs that impact our prices are the cost to get items to Newfoundland may be significantly higher than other online stores in the country, however, we wouldn't change a thing running Ocean Quest in Newfoundland. However, by buying local, that is money that goes toward support local workers, their families, the province and the community.


We love offering our guidance and experience based on knowledge and tips to divers and future divers, but to do that we need to pay our staff's salaries, which customers can help by buying local. It never hurts to ask for a deal, and we will try and match prices of online gear as best as possible, but to survive in this economy, we need to be able to cover our costs. We like to invite people to come in and barter our prices so we can meet a fair price point to both support our local business and make the customers happy.

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