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Bell Island Shipwrecks

Testimonials socialmedia COMMENTS 07 Feb, 2017

The shipwrecks are amazing. Don’t miss out on the non-wreck dives like the whale bones, old whaling ship, shore dives, Bell Island, and the clapper. On those dives, you can see a lot of flounder and stingrays.

The visibility is incredible for the ship wrecks and they are well intact. You can see old Marconi radios to bullets to an anchor that flew on the deck of one of the ships. The icebergs are the star of the show. It’s like seeing a skyscraper worth of ice in the water. You can watch the saltwater and freshwater mix. Ocean Quest also took pictures for me on all of my dives.

The crew is professional and nice. The people are the nicest people on earth. The scenery is amazing. How often can you say that you saw a whale, dove the whale bones, dove icebergs, and dove World War 2 wrecks all in one trip? Plus, Mountain Dew (which I now call “Mountain Berg”) tastes better when you use iceberg chunks as ice. You’ll leave with a lifetime of great memories.

March 2015
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— Danny Larsen

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