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Training Session

Hi Mark, Thanks very much for an excellent training session. I really enjoyed the weekend and forgot all about work and other vagaries of everyday life (a definite plus). I am now really charged to do my open water training - and start exploring! Your […]

Bell Island Shipwrecks

The shipwrecks are amazing. Don’t miss out on the non-wreck dives like the whale bones, old whaling ship, shore dives, Bell Island, and the clapper. On those dives, you can see a lot of flounder and stingrays. The visibility is incredible for the ship wrecks […]

First Time Scuba Diver

 "Mark, It was all our pleasure. As I told you I was nervous because you never really know how a child is going to react to scuba. I was so happy to see Marcy so comfortable and proficient with her skills. She loved the one […]

Iceberg Tour

We had a great iceberg tour today. Dan was a great skipper. Thanks so much for arranging. June 2016 — Michael Collins

Snorkeling Bell Island

I recently had the honour of joining your team on the snorkeling trip to the sea caves on Bell island. Firstly I would like to thank you so much for accommodating us by picking us up off Bell Island after an unfortunate incident with missing […]