Available July to September
Everday, As Requested

You’re on the bottom before you even realize it. You look down and see the ocean floor covered in sea urchins and flounders. You look up. The surface is 20 feet above you, and you’re looking at the waves inside out. Now that is something you didn’t expect.

Your dive guide descends right next to you, and gives you an “OK” hand sign. You return it. You look around and the other three divers are there too. The dive guide signals “follow me” and you do.

To your right, you see a lobster poking his head out from underneath a boulder, to your left, the wide open

The dive guide leads you to a massive underwater rock wall covered in life. He signals “OK” to you again, and you signal back, although things are more than OK. Everything is amazing.

Yesterday you never really thought of scuba diving. Today, you’re spending an hour underwater, and you’ll have quite the tale to tell when you come out.


  • * Price quoted is per person, based on double booking.
  • In order to complete an “Ocean Discovery” program you will also complete a “Discover Scuba Diving” pool session (included in tour price)
  • Included will be a gift certificate for $50 towards completion of your Open Water SCUBA diver certification
  • Ocean Dive is conducted with a 1:1 instructor to student ratio