Kayaking Tours

Sea Caves of Bell Island

Explore a Piece of Natural History

Formed over thousands of years by the waves of the Atlantic, we’ll take you kayaking inside caves that once housed pirates and rum runners, and we’ll teach you a little about the mines on the other side. All the while, you’ll be surrounded by rock formations and birds that are worth plenty of pictures.

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Sheltered Coastline Paddle

A 2 hour paddle along the shoreline

Paddle along the Marina and see all the magnificent boats and beautiful shore side houses.

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Island Expedition

Explore Farther

Allows for further exploration along the coast, as zodiac support will retrieve you and the kayaks at the end of the tour.

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Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Course

Skills Level 1

Course Summary Provides the knowledge and skills for a day-long sea kayak trip in sheltered waters and light winds. Skills taught include efficient forward and turning strokes, edging, bracing, controlled wet exit, solo and assisted rescues, and towing. Knowledge sessions include equipment, safety, weather, navigation, seamanship and trip planning.

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