Season: 1 Jul - 3 Sep 2016
Tuesday, 9:00am

For our summer season, we’ll be offering this deluxe full-day experience in collaboration with The Manuels River experience and Coffee Matters in Conception Bay South. This adventure includes a three hour morning trip with Ocean Quest on a zodiac to beautiful islands in Conception Bay, a picnic lunch, and an afternoon of fossil activities with your dedicated fossil expert. Expect to see amazing coastal sights, taste Newfoundland treats, and get up close and personal with ancient fossils right on the river!

Zipping across Conception Bay the striations of rock become clearer as you approach cliffs of Bell Island.  You can see now that many of the indentations in the rock have openings Ride the Ocean Waves and Picnic with Fossilslarge enough for a small boat to enter.  Your mind wanders as you try to comprehend the amount of time the ocean has been pounding this small island and eroding the shoreline into what is before you today.  You wonder if this island was once connected to the other small island you passed by on the way out.DSC00042-Laura-K-1024x768

The engines are shut down and the Zodiac bobs quietly on the waves for a few moments before your guide begins an enthralling story of the natural history of this rocky coastline, the sea caves, the marine life and even icebergs (in season).  Over the next few hours you also hear stories of the early settlers on this starkly barren island, pirate legends, the abandoned iron ore mines that are tunneled from Bell Island underneath the ocean  and even that there are four (4) WWII shipwrecks sunk by German submarines directly underneath you.     Who knew this pristine environment had so many stories to tell?  The more DSC03840 Lunch on the Rocks meal 4 editedadventurous can snorkel in the caves or onto the shore to walk through the caves at the Grebes Nest for the Ultimate Close Encounter with nature.

After a morning on the water, what could be more relaxing than a picnic lunch on scenic Manuels River?  Listen to the river bubble and gurgle as you enjoy a traditional turkey and dressing sandwich with a homemade berry treat and a glass of iced tea from Coffee Matters.   Paleontologist Dr. Rod Taylor, Ph.D, from Manuels River Interpretation Centre will keep you entertained during lunch and then on a short hike along the riverbed.  Hold 500 million years of history in your hands as he helps you discover the hidden trilobite fossils of this ancient river.

  • Available 1 Jul – 3 Sep 2016: Tuesday and Friday: 9am departure.
  • Package includes a 3 hour Zodiac tour, a picnic-style lunch with the option to eat on the river bank, and a two hour interpretive activity at Manuels River Interpretation Centre.
  • Availability is subject to scheduled departure and minimum group size.
  • Snorkeling or kayaking is an available option for age 15+ for an additional $50.
  • Tour options and experiences will be subject to variability due to seasonal and weather fluctuations; no two trips will be the same.