Valid 15 May - 15 Oct 2016.
Today, 10:00am

The rugged cliff shoreline of Bell Island looms in the distance.  You find your comfortable perch in the 24′ rigid hull Zodiac as your guide easilyIMG_3463FamilyGroup navigates out of Sunset Key Marina before throttling up the engines and setting a course straight across Conception Bay.  He’s already told you and the small group of other excited adventurers to keep an eye out for marine life on the way.  Everyone has their eyes peeled for a whale to breach or maybe you will be one of the lucky few who get to see a school of tuna chasing after baitfish near the surface.  You’ve also heard that there was an iceberg drifting this way yesterday, so who knows!!!!

The guide slows the Zodiac as you pass a small island and tells a few stories of pirates and early settlers to the area.   He’s got a mischievous glint in his eye that makes you think he may be embellishing the story just a little!  Closer to the island he stops and tells you a story of Iron Ore mining, German Submarines and WWII shipwrecks that are directly underneath.   The mischievousness is gone from his eye and you can hear the passion in his voice about the subject.  The beauty of this rugged coastline is still very evident but you now feel there much more to it; the cultural, the history, the people….

The Zodiac beaches easily on the kaleidoscope of beach-rocks and you are introduced to Lori who has the most amazing spread of untitledfood laid out that she calls a “boil up”.  Your senses are overwhelmed with the smell of fish and home-made treats, the colorful spread of wild edibles and the gracious nature of your host.  You notice the kettle of tea bubbling over the fire and figure that’s why she called it a “boil-up”!

Belly full, you would rather lay down for a nap here on the beach but you all pile back into the Zodiac for a quick zip along the shoreline back to Sunset Key Marina.

  • Valid 15 May – 15 Oct 2016; Monday and Thursday departures at 10am.
  • Package includes a 3 hour Zodiac tour with seasonal sightseeing opportunities and activities inclusive of a seafood shore lunch.
  • Availability is subject to scheduled departure and minimum group size.
  • Tour options, experiences and culinary offering will be subject to variability due to seasonal and weather fluctuations; no two trips will be the same.
  • NOTE: Persons with Seafood allergies cannot be fed on this tour