Saturday, 9:00am

Are you itching for an opportunity to dive beyond our shores? Having spent the early summer months washing off the cobwebs, your diving experience has now prepared you to move beyond the shoreline – and we are here to help!

Just beyond the shorelines of Conception Bay South are some of the most spectacular dive opportunities. The OQ Mermaid is designed to allow you to reach new limits; See WWII shipwrecks or sea stacks which offer reef diving opportunities. Experience the rich marine life that lives in our waters, and get ready for a hot bowl of Skipper Bill’s famous soup when you surface at the end of the day!

Throughout the months of August and September Ocean Quest will be offering weekend boat dive opportunities to the four WWII shipwrecks and the reefs that abound the sea stacks and cliffs of the rugged shoreline of Bell Island.

Each weekend on either Saturday or Sunday we will depart at 9:00 AM for two dives that are designed for:

  1. Open Water divers to get experience with boat/reef dives
  2. Advanced Open Water divers to gain more experience on wrecks and at deeper depths
  3. Students wishing to complete specialty dives towards their next certification



  • * Price excludes HST. The basic price includes two air tanks, weights, and lunch. For $205, your dive will include a full kit and wetsuit, and for $215, your half-day charter will include a full kit and drysuit.
  • Please contact the dive shop for more information on special local diver rates