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Cod Fishing

Experience Newfoundland and her Natural Resources

Got to get me fish, b'y....not your average cod fishing trip though...this is an adventure on 'da bay! Tales of pirates, shipwrecks and WWII disasters, sea birds, waterfalls, stone walls, the Mysterious Grebes Nest, “the Bell” and “the Clapper”....Conception Bay South has so much to offer!

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Ride the Ocean Waves and Picnic with Fossils

Uncovering the Natural History of Newfoundland

Zipping across Conception Bay the striations of rock become clearer as you approach cliffs of Bell Island. You can see now that many of the indentations in the rock have openings large enough for a small boat to enter. Your mind wanders as you try to comprehend the amount of time the ocean has been pounding this small island and eroding the shoreline into what is before you today. You wonder if this island was once connected to the other small island you passed by on the way out.

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A Culinary Adventure on ‘da Bay

Boat Tour with a Boil Up

The rugged cliff shoreline of Bell Island looms in the distance. You find your comfortable perch in the 24' rigid hull Zodiac as your guide easily navigates out of Sunset Key Marina before throttling up the engines and setting a course straight across Conception Bay. He's already told you and the small group of other excited adventurers to keep an eye out for marine life on the way. Everyone has their eyes peeled for a whale to breach or maybe you will be one of the lucky few who get to see a school of tuna chasing after baitfish near the surface. You've also heard that there was an iceberg drifting this way yesterday so who knows!!!!

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Taste Beneath The Sea

Experience Sea Food like never before

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