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Destination St. John’s

Dedicated to promoting St. John’s as a destination for tourists, businesses, and more, Destination St. John’s provides plenty of information to make your visit to the city as great as it can be.

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Guided Scuba Dive

Liability Release and Assumption of Risk for Supervision of Certified Divers

Before we supervise you on any guided dives, we require your acknowledgement and signature on this document to release us of any liabilities related to the dive.

Open Water Course

Referral/Record File

If you wish to continue a training course at another location, this document will be necessary to allow you to transfer. Also, you can keep track of all of your skills, theory, and practical work during your course.

Discover Scuba Diving & Generic Training

Medical Statement

This statement informs you of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and of the conduct required of you during the scuba training program. Your signature on this statement is required for you to participate in the scuba training program.

Kayak Tours

Kayak Liability Form

Prior to undertaking any of our kayaking tours or courses, we requite you to read and sign this waiver and release of liability.

Boat Tours

Boat Liability Statement of Understanding

This statement informs you of Ocean Quest’s safe diving practices and liability requirements for Boat Charter & Guided SCUBA Diving and Boat Travel. Your signatures on this statement are required prior to diving as proof that you are aware of and agree to them.