In shallows at Conception Harbour, lie the wrecks of three whaling vessels, still at their moorings. The whalers – one of them still protrudes from the water – provide a sheltered environment to explore wrecks and are excellent for inexperienced divers. Close to the road, this site is easily accessed from the shore and the protruding wreck can even be reached by wading out to waist height. Still intact, the inside of the hulls can be viewed through various hatchways and the centre wreck still has a harpoon gun at the bow. Plenty of marine life is visible around the wrecks and with a maximum depth of only 25ft/8m the site is ideal for longer, underwater photography dives.

Along with these great sites, the wreck of a schooner lies approximately 50m away from the whalers on a bearing of around 300 degrees.

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