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Our Close Encounters with Nature Tours will give you the opportunity to experience nature up close and personal. Swim with whales as they frolic and play with their newest friends from an Ocean Quest adventure, or taste one of the icebergs which has traveled from Greenland through iceberg alley to it's final resting place in Newfoundland. Looking for a little bit more? How about an exploration of the Bell Island sea caves (Kayak or Snorkel - the choice is up to you!), or a relaxing journey along the awe-inspring coastline of Newfoundland in our 42' cabin cruiser! Whatever adventure you're looking for, Ocean Quest will help you dive right in!

Ocean Safari: Enjoy a scenic boat ride along the majestic coast of Newfoundland. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the splendid marine life that our great province is known for. Who knows, maybe you will even stumble across icebergs on your safari adventure! 

Runs May 1st - September 3rd
Location Petty Harbour or Conception Bay South
3 hours, 3pm to 6pm daily Fee $173.91 + Tax  = $200.00 CAD

90 Minutes, 1pm to 230pm daily Fee $86.96 + Tax = $100.00 CAD

Snorkeling with Humpbacks: Get in the water and make some new friends! This adventure will take you into the water and allow you to swim alongside some of the majestic humpback whales that grace us with their prescence through out the summer months. 

Runs June 15th - August 12th
Location Petty Harbour
Duration 3 hours, 9am to 12pm daily Fee $239.99 + TAX = $275.99 CAD 


Drink an Iceberg: 10,000 years is a long time. But its the amount of time it takes to form the icebergs that are brought too Newfoundland each summer. Get a first-hand glimpse of these majestic bergs and see just how magnificient they are.

Runs May 1st - June 30 - Dependant on Iceberg availablilty
Location Petty Harbour or Conception Bay South
Duration 3 hours, 9am to 12pm daily Fee $239.99 + TAX = $275.99 CAD 

Sea Caves of Newfoundland: Sometimes referred to as the "Jurassic Park" of Newfoundland, our sea caves offer you the chance to get up close and personal with these geological wonders. With an opportunity to picnic, snorkel, or kayak, everyone will have take a trip back in time and explore these auditorium-like caves any way you want to!

Runs May 21st - September 3rd
Duration 3 hours

Tastes Beneath the Sea: Your culinary adventure begins with tea biscuits and a hot beverage upon your arrival, followed by a seared scallop small plate. Your entrée consists of a Newfoundland classic, pan friend cod fish, along with various traditional side dishes such as root vegetables, baked beans, and home made bread. The little room you have left will be filled by a decadent, traditional blueberry desert and you choice of tea or coffee.

Runs May 21st - September 3rd
Duration 3 hours