Picture of tourist sea kayaking in Terra Nova, Newfoundland

Sea Cave Close Encounter

The cold wind whips at your face, but the surrounding land is ablaze in autumn colors. Waterfalls descend to the ocean, the last freshwater to turn to salt before the winter sets in and suspends the falls above the ocean.

The boat enters a cave, the former haunt of pirates and rum runners. Here the ocean unveils the earth's secrets with thousands of years in waves. Maybe in a few more thousand years, the ocean will find what it's looking for in this windswept island.

On the other side of these stone walls, man carved through rock. Too deep, and the mines flooded. On this side, the outside, the ocean has done the same.

The boat exits the cave, and before you stands a towering rock formation, beautiful and symmetrical, as if the hand of God himself carved it. You take out your camera...yeah, you'll need the wide angle lens.

Duration: 1/2 day

Cost: $149 per person

Capacity: 12 people

Season: September/October


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