Time 6:30pm
Cost $129

(Min 2 people, Max 4 people)

You haven’t been scuba diving lately and want a quick refresher!  The ReActivate (Scuba Review) is the perfect way to brush up on your knowledge and skills before jumping back in the water.   Whether you want a few minutes or need to go over all the basics; the ReActivate can be personalized for you.  You conveniently review scuba concepts online on yuor own schedule and then go diving with a PADI Professional.  It’s quick and easy, and a smart way for you to get back diving your favourite local spots, prepare for your next course or get ready for a diving vacation.

Your Re-Activate has both required and optional components:

  1. eLearning (required) – $67.95
  2. pool evaluation/training (required) – $129 – 2 hours (offered year round)
  3. Guide Book (optional) – $37.80
  4. open water training (optional) – $75 – 1 dive (offered June to November)

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What You’ll Learn

The ReActivate Touch (for tablets or mobile devices) or ReActivate Online (for your personal computer) is designed to immerse you in dive scenarioes that test your understanding of important dive safety concepts, dive planning essentials and problme management.  Move through ReActivate at your own pace and delve deepere into topics when you need or want to.

In the water your PADI Professional will help you regain comfort and confidence in scuba diving.   You’ll practice a few safety-related skills and then go over anything you specifically want to review.


What You’ll Need


To start your PADI Rescue Diver specialty course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a PADI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent certification from another recognized scuba diver training organization
  • Be 15 years or older (12 for Jr. Rescue Diver)


All scuba equipment is available for rental from Ocean Quest with the exception of mask, fins and snorkel.


Student Info Required: (to use when people make an account)


Date Of Birth

Full Address (street # & name, city/town, province/state, country, postal code)

Phone number

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Please click here to view the Continuing Education Administrative Document and the PADI Medical Agreement: PADI Con-Ed Form  |  PADI Medical

**Education Materials subject to change as they are controlled by PADI Canada.

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