Congratulations to Mark McGowan for winning the 2016 OQ Diver of the Year award. Mark retired as a Superintendent in 2013 after serving more than 36 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, both in Canada and abroad. He has dabbled as a diving professional for 15 years. He is a PADI Master Instructor and an EFR Instructor. He also holds ratings from SDI, TDI, and PADI TecRec. Beyond core training, his professional member ratings allow him to deliver no less than 20 different PADI specialty diver courses. For the past four consecutive years Mark has been a recipient of a PADI Elite Instructor Designation. Mark is a well travelled diver who does not discriminate between the green or blue waters of our oceans nor the fresh water of our lakes and quarries. He is an avid wreck diver who proclaims that the ship wrecks of Bell Island are world-class treasures and are among some of his favourite dive sites. His opinion is solidly based upon his own diving experiences for he has dived in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, USA, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Columbia, Honduras, Bonaire, Saba, St. Kitts & Nevis, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Spain, England, Malta, Curacao and Newfoundland & Labrador. Mark is presently the training coordinator and senior instructor at Ocean Quest Adventures. He is passionate about diving and is always thrilled when he is able to help people begin their adventure beneath the waves. And he is far from abashed when it comes to giving a shout out for his favourite dive buddy, his lovely bride, Marcia.